The TETRAD Group

Investigation-Focused Special Expert Services

Dr. Martin J. Dudziak, PhD (and Associates)

Specialities: "STEM" - Physical, Biological, Informational Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Methods: Direct Consultation and Engagement in Service of Professional Investigation, Forensics, and Legal Teams. Civil and Criminal Matters. Onsite, remote, in-person, in-court, as the task requires.

Note: Services of a technical and specialized nature are provided to formal professional private investigators, law enforcement, attorneys, and both private and public organizations. This is not a private investigation firm nor are offers made to provide such services as commercial, licensed private investigator may offer to clients. Services are of a technical nature and do not include conventional physical surveillance, background checks, monitoring, and similar services rendered by a variety of security and private-investigator firms.

Included within our expertise:

Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Explosive Materials (detection, sensing, testing, forensics, and behavior profiling/modeling)
Medical devices and informatics, health records and privacy, nosocomial and post-op infections
Internet and wearable sensors, cloud / social network privacy information issues
Data acquisition, chain-of-custody, accuracy, integrity, privacy, interpretation of measurements
Fail-safe and fault tolerance in human and technical apparatus
Risks of information and intelligence degradation, falsification, and data misinterpretations
Cybersecurity - defensive, offensive, and countermeasures (see IMTOPS link below)

Scope: USA and International, with particular focus upon Europe including Russia, Central Asia, Far East

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